"Marcella: Princess or Pawn"

A Spirited Tale of Intrigue and High Adventure
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[Rated 4 1/2  Beacons out of 5]

The tale of a young woman who is unknowingly caught in a web of international intrigue. Having left home as a foreign exchange student, she suddenly finds herself betrothed to a prince she barely knows - then kidnapped and held hostage. It is also the story of her
rescuers - a well-trained, and armed, pair of mercenaries who are themselves
being hunted.

The basis of the plot itself was quite good and well-written. The male characters were engaging and interesting. Everything about this book is strong all the way through.

As I read, I felt a distinct affection for Steve and Andy. You have a very filling book here. Everything needed is already there!

Anne K. Edwards, Reviewer

eBook Reviews Weekly

A pair of wild adventurers, Andy and Steve, find themselves caught up in the chase to
rescue a beautiful girl kidnapped just after her engagement to an Arabian prince was announced.

Marcella is a lovely young Spanish girl given a scholarship to an Arabian university.
She stays with a couple who quickly become like family to her. On attending a ball given by the crown prince, she finds him declaring himself in love with her and that they are now betrothed.

This betrothal isn't something she wants and while she is trying to figure a way out of it,
she is taken from the house by armed guards. The couple are friends of Andy and Steve
and contact them to get her back.

The tale of a power struggle for influence in an oil-rich nation by criminals who will let nothing stand in their way to gain their ends.

Readers will find themselves dodging bullets with the best as the plot unfolds.


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